is a company owned by individuals dedicated to scouting out and providing a wide selection

of interesting and unique collectables & gifts to everyone interested in American wildlife.


In our unique selection of items you may find the perfect gift or recognition item

for a special friend, family member or business associate.


About our PRODUCTS


  We offer a large selection of pins, patches, bolo ties, belt buckles, figurines, plaques,

stuffed animals, puppets, jewelry items, rubber stamps, bottle stoppers,

crystal/ pewter paperweights and our very own “CRITTERGAN”.

 We look for high quality merchandise using American made whenever possible.


Pins and Tie Tacks  range in size from 1/2” to 2” and are made from various materials

           including- cast fine pewter, silver, gold filled, hand painted wood, and cloisonné.


Patches are multicolored fully embroidered pieces ranging from 2” to 10”.


Bolos come in cast pewter, cloisonné, bronze, sterling silver, tricolor gold tones and  hand carved antler

 and bone.  Many of the pewter and sterling silver bolos are available diamond cut to add brilliance or

enameled to add color and interest to the piece.  Some bolos have hand painted, fired porcelain inserts.


Belt Buckles that fit up to 1 1/2  leather belts are made from cast pewter (plain or enameled),

           bronze, brass, German silver,  many have lacquered designs or painted porcelain inserts.  


Figurines from 1” to 12” tall are made from pewter, cast pecan shell resin, carved wood, cold-cast bronze,

ceramic or porcelain; they are hand  painted, enameled, left natural or accented with diamond cuts.


Plaques come in various sizes and materials including natural woods and laser images.


Stuffed Animals and Puppets  range from small 5” figures to those over 30” long.


Jewelry items include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in pewter, silver and gold,

           some have diamond cuts and natural stone accents.


Rubber stamps have fine details and are mounted on smooth wooden handles,  1” to  8”.


Paperweights made of crystal and pewter feature an enameled eagle head accented

           with real gold, one view is enhanced with a full color flag in the background. & “Very Special Things”


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