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sil-r 3020  unsized

Eagle open wing


sil-rg 542 small

mini eagle head


sil-ort zz24  small

sw eagle red stone


Text Box: sil-m 12 unsized
Eagle tall wing
Text Box: sil-ort r1 unsized
Eagle square, bluestone

Assorted silver and pewter rings

Text Box: Many of these pieces are from old jewelry collections. They are new pieces some with visible tarnish.
Sorry no size selection on rings, but solid band makes them easy to resize

Silver Bear head and paw.

Adjustable to fit all sizes                   

  $20.00            sil-m-7 


Bear head growling. unsized

sil-m-10 $20.00            

Bear head paws. unsized

sil-m-9  $20.00            

sil-m-6 unsized

Owl  mini   $10.00            

Artistic impression (original) porcelain earrings   $15.00

Head - art-ear-bear1    

Climbing  -art-ear-bear2

Artistic impression (original) porcelain earrings   $15.00

Fox - art-ear-fox    Eagle-art-ear-eagle

Eagle pewter earrings

Diamond cut accents

sisER026 eagle $10.00

Eagle, silver earrings

Diamond cut accents

sil-1143 eagle $15.00

Eagle, owl micro silver earrings, natural tarnish

Diamond cut accents

s-micro ear $5.00

Eagle/Buffalo charms, silver

shu-eagle charm $5.00

cm033-buf charm $10.00

Eagle/owl silver pendants & pin


shu-c914-p eagle pendant  $20.00

shu-022 owl pendant  $15.00

ti-4 eagle pin, silver   $15.00

Eagle/owl pewter pins $5.00

Diamond cut accents 

sisPL24 eagle circle pin

sisPL10 owl cut out pin

Eagle necklace/bolo  $10.00


WE2 eagle multi color

WE1 eagle, Diamond cut accents

 unique chain bolo




Bear silver pendant.  Double ring back use on choker cord

way-bear-choker  $40.00

Eagle drop earrings

Diamond cut accents

cm25-ear eagle $10.00

Bear dangle earrings

Silver  $20.00

er-3171 bear drop

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Eagle mini post  earrings

Silver  $5.00

emp-090 eagle post earring