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 birds and beasts

  Embroidered Patches     

Text Box: Full color embroidered, patches  
 Antelope/Buffalo/Owl/Eagle, sw/

Regular-2-3 inches      $4.00 
               (Owl in brown or gray)

Large-3-6  inches         $6.00
                (Owl in brown only)
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X-large tall wing eagle

         amb8eag-tw  $9.00

X-large Eagle Click here to order by credit card

Eagle on flag

4 inch patch

Amb4eag-flg   $4.25

amb4eag-flg.....Click here to order by credit card

Eagle -  amb3eag-atk       $4.00

large eagle - amb6eag-atk $5.25

.....Click here to order by credit card.... ___ Eagle3 ___ Eagle6
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Eagle' Gift  pewter figurine      Bronzed eagle sculptures

   Pewter bolos, deluxe     Pewter buckles     Pewter Pins    Keyrings                

Eagle patches     Soft Sculpture & puppets     


Featuring American wildlife gifts & collectables 

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