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Pewter Bolo. Click here to order.

Don’t let the fierce look of this diamond cut pewter fool you.

He’s as gentle as a  lamb.  aprox 2.5” high  4’long

Item may differ slightly from picture.   

shuMW7431        $35.00       

Pewter Buffalo Credit card orders.
Text Box: Full color embroidered PATCHES
   Regular-2-3 inches  amb3buffalo    $4.00
amb6 Credit card order.
amb3 Credit card orders

Large-3-6 inches   amb6buffalo  $6.00

Add a little fun to your collection with a “JITTER CRITTER”

Just pull his string to make him “jitter”  and you laugh.  5” X 3    


plajitterbuf   pla5633  $4.00

Jitter Buffalo credit card order

Bismark Buffalo, soft plush, 9 inches long.   Pla1853    $12.00                   


Mini Bison, small plush, 6 inches long    Pla1112        $6.00                            

Bismark Buffalo . Click here to order Mini BisonPLA

Mini Bison fol2697  finger puppet 7” long    $6.50


This little critter appears to be alive when nestled atop your finger. With lifelike detail, this miniature finger puppet will bring to your home the charm of  the prairies

Finger Puppets..... Click here to order.

Cloissone bolo,

 braided leatherette cord and metal tips.    1 1/2"  

  mei-buff-bolo $10.00

Bolo. Click here for credit card orders.

Cloisonné  Earrings

  1/2 to 3/4 inch, drop, 

Variety of pierced wires & backs

    mei-BJ765/P     $6.00        

EARRINGS Credit card orders




Critter  Cloisonné pins  Replicas of US postage stamps   

 (some variation in color and backing)             3/4” X 1 1/2”     $4.00

CRITTER PINS click here to order
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NEW!! BUFFALO  pla3096  “Clip-on” $4.00


Something different. Clip this little guy on almost anything and you will always have your totem with you.

Clip-on Buffalo credit card order

sis BT64AE  $15.00

Buffalo head, on stylized background with

black/blue enamel  and with black/red background


Text Box: RING

Buffalo pewter ,  aprox. 2 x 1 1/4”

raw1645    $10.00           

Buffalo pewter , 

aprox. 2 x 1 1/4”

shu7471   $10.00       

Buffalo, mini pewter ,  aprox. 2 x 1 1/4”

shu mw7428    $5.00       

Pewter Buffalo 1645 Credit card orders.
Pewter Buffalo 7471 Credit card orders.
Pewter Buffalo 7428 Credit card orders.
misc pins... click here to order


Featuring American wildlife gifts & collectables 

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BUFFALO gold plated,

vin-JE6107TP  $8.00

VINPIN click here to order

BUFFALO metal  small pin

all-mp-158 $5.00

All-mp 125 click here to order

BUFFALO gold plated,  small

vin-JE6108TP  $6.00

VINPIN sm click here to order

BUFFALO pewter pins

enameled sispin08

pewter sispin09

Enameled Pewter Eagle Pins
Pewter Eagle Pins

Finely detailed rubber stamps   $10.00   (1 each)

1- Buffalo full body, 4”    2 - Buffalo head, 3”

Cast pewter standing buffalo bolo. Diamond cut accents.  wn1554      $20.00    1 only

......... $10.00
......... $20.00

Sample of items.

sil-m-8    unsized

Buffalo $20.00